When it comes to international transportation of stage equipment of various events and displays
related to exhibitions, it is critical to achieve safety, efficiency, and reliability, within a short
timeframe. It is particularly important to provide special packaging, careful loading and onsite
assembly, and also precise schedule management. We offer a flexible, one-stop service of operations
to meet your needs. Our specialists have expert knowledge in the field, and will assist you with the
assembly and dismantling of equipment, as well as your import-export needs, both before and after the event.
Moreover, you can not forget to utilize an ATA CARNET. An ATA Carnet is an international customs
document that functions like a passport for cargo, allowing shipments to be temporarily admitted
into foreign countries without individual temporary import bonds or the payment of Import Duties.
The ATA Carnet system requires your logistics team an expert knowledge and experiences.
We assist you a complete range under the corporation of our global networks.
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